Crazy Dog Stuff

Dog’s Can’t Drink
August 27, 2008, 2:29 am
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Our kitchen floor is constantly soaked, because our dogs can’t seem to keep their mouth closed.  How about yours?


Fun With Embroidery
August 27, 2008, 2:27 am
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We’ve been having fun with embroidery, and of course we want to do something related to dogs.  There are many free patterns you can get.  And of course, if you’re crazy, you can also make embroidery for your dogs to wear.

If you’re double crazy, you can do all of this by hand.  But if you’re like us, you can use an embroidery machine.  We’ve been using a brother embroidery machine and it’s working out great.

Click Here to find where we got ours.

2 Dogs
August 18, 2008, 10:15 pm
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We have two dogs now.  One really old (13+ years) and one still a puppy (1 year old).  While the old one stumbles and slips on her bad left hip, the pup does her best to try and knock her down.  Ok, maybe not on purpose, but that is the end result.

The pup just wants to play and is confused why the old maid never wants to.

We have had to keep them seperated and out at different times.  Sigh.

Chasing a Scooter
August 11, 2008, 9:42 pm
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My dog has a new favorite thing: Our new scooter.  He chases it like nothing, and of course since we only have a small engine scooter, he can outrun it while we are accelerating.  He always looks worried and scared, but also extremely cute.

We got our scooter from Scooter 150cc Shop so click here to visit them.

Don’t worry, we’re always careful.  He’s more likely to hurt us than we him on this thing.

Eating Bathroom Trash
May 22, 2008, 3:48 pm
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Our dog loves trash out of the bathroom, and he still tries no matter how much he’s punished or how bad he feels after he gobbles up the goody.

One time he swollowed a whole face pad, the kind for acne that’s soaked in acid and alcohol.

He was sick for days before he finally barfed it up.


And I still catch him a few time s month trying to chew on a used q-tip.  Blah.