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Apartment Living
December 24, 2009, 3:59 pm
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We now live in an apartment since I had to move to Louisville for a job change.

An apartment.  With two dogs.  Dogs that are still puppies at heart.

You can imagine…

It makes for some interesting situations.  And life is different when you just can’t let them out in the back yard, but have to walk with them through rain, sleet, snow, tornado, earthquake, volcano eruption….I’m not being melodramatic here at all.


Dog food For Health
December 24, 2009, 3:57 pm
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Beware of dog allergies.  If you feed your dog the wrong food, that might be the reason they are getting sick.  Our dog was throwing up about twice a week.  We changed dog food, and now he’s fine.

But it may be deeper.  You’re dog could have an allergy.  If that’s the case, it may be necessary  to get dog food that doesn’t trigger allergies.  Or the fancy term, “hypoallergenic dog food”.  These have less chemicals, and usually or made of just one type of protein/meat to help avoid reactions.  Many dog food manufacturers have their own brands of hypoallergenic dog food, so do some research.

It might take a little testing to find one that your dog doesn’t react too.   Of course, there is always the option of making your own food for your pet.  It’s a lot easier than it sounds.  Most recipes are quick and easy, and require very little ingredients.  Sometimes they will even be cheaper in the long run.

You can of course ignore this post if your dog isn’t perpetually sick like ours was 🙂